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Collins Painting & Design

Larry & Pam Collins started into business in 1995 as a handmade, wholesale manufacturer of signs and wood décor. As the demand for our products grew, we worked many hours to provide these popular products. We stayed 100% American made for almost 10 years.

In order to grow our business, we became importers of 65 of our handmade items in the fall of 2004. By early 2005, we had already added 150 other items that were designed by the fellow craftsmen we had met in the retail and wholesale show circuits. We then started to create the current mix of mediums and styles that have built the Collins Painting & Design brand. We were quick to notice the need for a web site and brand logo.

We then found the need for a larger warehouse and in the summer of 2005, we moved into a 10,300 square foot facility.

In 2006, the business and product line exploded and we worked harder than ever before to be the company our customers expected us to become.

We opened our first permanent showroom in Chicago in July of 2007. In July of 2008, we opened our second permanent showroom in Atlanta at the Americasmart.

In the fall of 2008, we moved into our own new, custom built warehouse that is 22,000 square feet and it will offer us room for even more growth.

We currently have a team of 7 American designers spread out from Illinois to Massachusetts that send us their original designs. We currently have over 1200 active items in our product line. Many years of design experience, a true passion for the product, dedication to the customer’s needs and pure talent are traits of a true designer. We are so blessed to have a team of 7 true designers.

All designs are created here by each designer’s hand and then sent to China for mass production. We have been with the same production lines from the start and continue to monitor quality and consistency with every shipment. Our prices are hard to beat. We keep the wholesale prices very competitive and offer sale items on our website regularly.

We also have a Cash & Carry distributor, Collins To Go, for quick carry out service. Collins To Go was created in March of 2007 by Robyn Rose, our top designer. She sells our product exclusively at most every Cash & Carry show. This gives our customers easy access and no minimum quantity per item purchasing ability. She also passes along sale prices and close-out pricing to the customer.

We have a small minimum order amount of $150.00. Every item will have a minimum quantity per item that is determined by the packaging. We ship orders by the inner box quantity and that speeds up the shipping and also cuts down on damages. We ship very fast and with a high fulfillment rate.

Reorders are typically shipped within 24 hours if the product is available. Damages are handled in a timely matter by our customer service and the product is either replaced or credited back to the customer’s account. Backorders under $50 are cancelled, unless the customer has a special request.

We continue to work hard every day and look for continued success for many years. A passion for the business and a strong foundation will carry us through. The strength of our business stems from the network of creative designers and the buyers loyalty.

When you surround yourself with good people, great things happen.

Pam Collins


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